Alright. All this damned complaining about “ERMAGERD MAKE A BLERK WIDER MERVIE!!!!!!111!” i’ve finally had it with. Seriously, do you guys realize how terrible of a person Black Widow is? Do you have any clue?…

Since when is an “honorable life” the mark of of a good character? More problematic men have been heroes in movies since movies existed, let alone in the MCU. 

Denying the only female Avenger in the MCU representation for any reason isdismissive, condescending, and turns a blind eye to the real issue. Female fans shouldn’t have to settle for one type of heroine being depicted on screen - let’s have all of them! Scarlet Witch, Storm, Black Widow, Wasp! 

Regardless of Natasha’s possible issues, in the MCU canon or otherwise, a woman’s strength is not defined by her ability to make traditinoally ‘honorable’ choices. Women can be strong and honorable for a million different reasons, and women need to see this reflected in media.

Natasha does not need to prove to anyone that she has “inner strength.” Her manipulation, sense of self, and ruthlessness are all strengths, and if those don’t fit into a traditional idea of what a “strong,” “honorable,” “good” woman should look like, then she doesn’t fucking care. And that is exactly why we want more of her.

I spilled blueberry coffee all over my cubical and now the whole thing smells like blueberries.

….in my defense, it was black blueberry coffee.


hey i’m doing k!n drawings again! they’ll be in a style like > this < you can reblog this post with a ref, description or message me :) it’s okay if i’ve drawn you before, and i’m willing to do a lot of these, so don’t worry! i’ll draw as long as i get requests

Academy Award Winner Emma Thompson

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Since the brooklynzine shipped out last week, now’s the time to reveal my illustration!

The zine was a blast to work with so many cool and talented people, and everything was wonderfully organized by brofisting! It makes me slightly jealous that people have already received their issue. Damn you, overseas shipping, I want my zine.

If you’re interested, some versions are  available through Redbubble. No prints but postcards! Because i work at too low a DPI for anyhting else! On the plus side, they’re cheap.

STEVE ROGERS HAS A TELL (continued from this post)


Sebastian Stan gorgeous human being

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I’ve seen fics with Bucky wearing the Winter Soldier mask when he fights with the Avengers. 

What I want now is Bucky wearing fabulous lipstick under it and surprising Steve with kisses after the battle. 

(pictures will surface on the internet of Cap covered in lipstick marks and the nation will be begging to know the identity of this mystery woman)








Here’s my entry I drew for the Steve/Bucky Brooklyn zine, which I am now allowed to share as all the copies have been shipped (:

I really love the idea of the Winter Soldier hallucinating a pre-serum Steve, because whatever Steve says is a projection of what Bucky Barnes really wants the Winter Soldier to hear.

This is heartbreaking!

Is anyone else slightly terrified that she used an exclamation point after “heartbreaking”? Because that doesn’t sound like something I’d want my favorite writer to be excited about. That actually sounds like a really, really terrible fucking idea.

Did you not realize that zooeyscigar lives for angst?

Seriously. Could you imagine the bloodshed and shrieking if we actually got our claws into this sort of concept?

i am absolutely an emotional masochist and am all about making fic that just drowns you in angst. seriously. i’m a glutton for punishment that way.
don’t let me near this concept. i would roll around in it and leave no hearts unbroken.
especially my own.

I’m kinda torn between hoping that something like this gets written or not, because it’d be painfully beautiful to read, but I might just die from angst overload.


Just. Uh.

Putting that out there :D

My friend and I were trading headcanons about imaginary!Steve weeks before I even saw this, and we were sketching out plans for a fic >w> So sign us up for the heartbreak! We’ll gladly contribute. 


Yes hello me and my friend have matching Bucky/Cap friendship necklaces yes

Ross and Rachel looking for baby names.

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"Dear diary… Today a pretty lady asked me if I liked to dance, but I managed to play it cool and say no. This has been yet another successful interaction with a member of the fairer sex… I think it’s safe to say that I am an expert at ladies now. - Darcy”