#you know it’s entirely possible that she would still be alive just very very old #i have a headcanon that at some point steve gets fury to look her up and finds out she’s in an old folks home and she’s lonely #she did get married after the war and had kids and grandkids but they don’t really take care of her or stay in touch with her#and in her old age she’s gone back to thinking about him and the war and the romance that never had a chance to happen #and then one day a nice young man in a suit named phil comes and talks to her #and very gently breaks it to her and explains everything and says steve would like to visit #and although she’s completely shocked she manages to say yes #so steve comes over and he brings flowers and chocolate and some old glenn miller records #and after the tears and the talking they finally have their ‘date’

Steve helps hold her up, and they finally have that Dance. it’s Steve’s first. It’s Peggy’s last.


(Source: twinfiresigns)